Social Enterprise

Neev Vidyalaya in Village Hurlung

One of the social issues supported by the NEEV Charitable Trust is education for rural children. At Rs. 200 per month, NEEV Vidyalaya provides high quality Integral Education in the village in English Medium. The philosophy of the school can be encapsulated by 5 S. The 5 S principles are stated in the ascending order of development of consciousness of an individual.

5 S stands for-

  1. Sadachar – self discipline
  2. Swadhyaya – self Knolwdge / self study
  3. Svavalamban – self reliance
  4. Swarajya – self governance
  5. Samrajya – Self Realization/Global Mind ( note the capitalization of ‘s’. Self in Vedantic language denotes Brahman or the entire universe. Self realization is the acme of human consciousness in which an individual realizes unity with the whole universe – both manifest and unmanifest.

NEEV Herbal Handmade Soaps is the enterprise wing of NEEV. It is a small scale unit registered under Khadi Village Industries Commission, located in Hurlung village, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

NEEV also has a non-profit wing called NEEV Trust which works in the rural areas and slums around Jamshedpur in the domains of education, livelihood development and agriculture.

NEEV Trust facilitates 15 Self Help Groups (including one of Sabar Tribe) of women who are being trained in different skills through Skill Development Initiatives in partnership with NABARD. The groups have also been linked with the Gramin Bank.

NEEV Trust visualizes that all the raw materials required for making the soaps and other cosmetic products will be grown and processed within these villages. For this it is going to encourage farmers to cultivate the herbs required for soap production.

Presently, the school has classes from Nursery till std 3. We propose to follow NIOS Board

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