Pure Indigo Powder Natural Hair Dye For Dark Brown or Lush Black Hair 50 gms

Ingredients : Dried and Powdered Leaves of Indigo Plant

Benefits : Indigo is an all natural hair dye that does not harm the hair, treats and prevents premature graying, conditions hair naturally.

Indications: To get dark brown colour mix henna and indigo powders in 2:1 ratio. 

To get lush black colour, apply indigo paste over henna treated hair. The colour will stay for 4-5 weeks. Use once a month. 

To Use : First Day :In the morning, apply henna pack for 2-3 hours and rinse with pain water only. At night, prepare indigo paste with 1 tsp cornstarch powder , a pinch of salt and enough water. Keep overnight. Second Day: In the morning, apply indigo paste on hair, keep for 3-4 hours and then rinse off with plain water.

Wash hair with shampoo after 2 days. 


MRP : Rs 180/-

Best befor 18 mths from mfg.

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