Almond Rose Handmade SOAP- Pure Elixir of Youth from Nature

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TFM – 77.8%; Grade A soap.
Ingredients :
Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Mahua Oil, Lye, Pure essential oils of Rose Oil, Geranium Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Rosemary Oil, contains roasted and ground almonds.
Keeps the skin dew fresh and young looking, delays the appearance of wrinkles, blackheads, dryness, and even pimples. Recommended for Dry Skin.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 cm

25 gms, 75 gms, 100 gms

5 reviews for Almond Rose Handmade SOAP- Pure Elixir of Youth from Nature

  1. Janani sekar

    I like this product

  2. AD

    Almond Rose soap is very nice, keeps skin moisturized. Plan to buy more soaps. I just love that there are options so if you want to try it out you can opt for smaller size. Thanks

  3. Suruchi Didolkar (verified owner)

    Almond Rose Soap truly works wonders. It has a very soothing and refreshing aroma. The ingredients used in making this soap prevent sweat and odours. Keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized for almost the day.

  4. Meghana (verified owner)

    Almond Rose soap is really a nice soap for dry skin. Keeps the skin moisturized.

  5. janu.inuganti (verified owner)

    My fav soap from Neev. Smells divine and cleanses without stripping your skin of moisture

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