Fruit Face Pack POWDER For a Flawless And Radiant Skin -50 gms


Ingredients : Dried Carrot Powder, Dried Papaya Powder, Dried Orange Peel Powder, Multani Mitti, Sandalwood Powder.
Benefits: Papaya helps to attain flawless skin, removes skin blemishes, reduces signs of aging; Carrot is rich in Vit. A and antioxidants which help in maintaining skin health; Orange Peel is rich in Vitamin C and nutrients which promotes a healthy skin glow, renews worn out cells, and hydrates the skin; multani mitti cleans the skin of oil and dirt and leaves it fresh and radiant; sandalwood powder is a natural coolant and ensures a well-toned and oil-free skin Based on Ancient Ayurvedic Texts”
Shelf Life: 1 year from mfg.

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Weight 50 g
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